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Dr. Linda Baker, MD

Wellspring Homeopathic Care – Flourtown, PA


testimonials-homeopathy-philadelphia-areaTestimonials from some of our patients about their experiences Dr. Linda Baker are below:

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“I also wanted to mention how great my daughter is doing. My husband and I are just amazed at how happy and cooperative she’s been. She actually has said to me on several occasions that she feels “happy inside”. Everything about her is just “brighter”, she’s doing better in school, she’s able to concentrate more on homework, things that used to set her off, she’s able to let go of. Seriously, she’s like a different child. The eating issue is also better, she’s becoming aware of not overdoing it with food, and she’s articulating that to me by saying ” I’m full” or “I don’t want to overdo it”. It is amazing to watch this transformation! I am very grateful! This makes me want to keep going with my son, and find the right remedy for him as well.” — Jill K.

“My daughter is doing great – we got her ears rechecked and the ear infection was gone – thanks for the homeopathic remedy – we’re glad we didn’t have to resort to antibiotics. We’ve been really happy with your care and feel really lucky to have a homeopath that is also a doctor available to us.” — Holly W.

“When our son was 21 months old he had had so many nasty ear infections, usually treated with antibiotics, that we were seriously considering ear tubes. We decided to postpone the appointment with an ENT specialist and try Dr. Baker’s treatment. Not only has our son stopped getting the ear infections, but his overall health improved so much that he has not been sick at all since the first visit. We are confident that he is now a much stronger and healthier boy. We would wholeheartedly recommend Dr.Baker to any parents.” — Sanja & Denis N.

“In Jan. my then 11 month old infant began having ….. breath holding [spells]. By April he had had 7 spells, had been on numerous antibiotics for recurring ear infections and other infections. I had had enough and made an appointment with Dr. Baker. Within a couple days of starting treatment his bowels changed and decreased in number, he began to eat so much more, and his cradle cap virtually disappeared. His distended belly decreased and his complexion cleared up. It took two weeks once we started the diet and the remedy for Eli to finally seem back to himself (before the spells started) – a happy and joyful child who wants to play and be with others. He has not had another [breath holding spell] since 2 days after beginning the remedy – and he has not gotten sick again since either.

“I am beyond grateful not only that I found Dr. Baker but that she has been undeniably helpful in making a change for the better in Eli’s life. Thank you Dr. Baker.” — Jodie M.