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homeopathy-courses pennsylvaniaEssential Homeopathy for Parents


Parents, would you love to have the skills to use homeopathy with your children for first aide and acute care? Have you tried to use homeopathy but become confused by the choice of best remedy? Have you found yourself wondering when you need to seek professional advice and when it’s safe to give home treatments?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have a solution for you: join us for a new course which will give you the skills to safely and effectively use homeopathic remedies for your kids’ acute care needs:

Essential Homeopathy for Parents.


When: Available now online

Where: Complete the online course on your own time from the comfort of your own home

Instructors: Dr. Linda Baker MD and Dr. Jeremy Wolf, ND

Topics covered:

History and philosophy of Homeopathy

Basics of using homeopathic remedies

First aid for injuries

Nutrition, herbs and supplements for a healthy foundation

Fevers and flu

Colds and coughs

Earaches, sinus problems and sore throats

Gastrointestinal illness


Childhood Diseases

Practice cases


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