My Approach

Homeopathy FAQs

Wellspring Homeopathic Care Classical Homeopathy Classical Homeopathy provides the framework for my approach. This amazing system of medicine supports the body’s ability to heal itself naturally Can I benefit from homeopathic treatment? What is Classical Homeopathy? How does homeopathy differ … Continue reading

Complementary Therapies

Wellspring Homeopathic Care Homeopathy and Complementary Therapies While Classical Homeopathy forms the cornerstone of the practice, a number of other treatments are available and are integrated into the individual’s care as indicated. Sometimes called alternative medical care, a more accurate … Continue reading


Wellspring Homeopathic Care Services Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment (Children and Adults) This is an individualized, holistic approach that strengthens the body´s ability to heal and helps to restore balance to body, mind and spirit. Constitutional homeopathy can help a wide variety … Continue reading