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Linda Baker MD CCH

homeopathic physician md flourtown, paAre you looking for a more holistic and natural approach to your health and your children’s health?

Would you like to optimize your body’s ability to heal itself?

Do you want to avoid taking prescription drugs whenever possible yet appreciate having a consultant who is trained in conventional medicine?

Are you looking for a physician who takes time to listen to all your concerns, then helps you to make sense of them and find solutions?

I’m here to help you with all of this.

You’ll find more details about my approach and services on this website’s pages. We’re happy to discuss your concerns with you, answer any questions and tell you what the practice has to offer. Just send a brief message to me at homeopathy1@yahoo.com

My services include:

  • Classical Homeopathy for children and adults
  • Botanical medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Certified GAPS practitioner
  • Certified CEASE practitioner

“We were on a long journey trying to find help for the medical issues my son and I were experiencing. Then we found Dr. Baker and our journey ended. Dr. Baker guided us with great care, dedication, knowledge and personal service to great heath. My son went from a diagnosis of being ‘unteachable’ and as having ‘moderate/severe ADD’ to six months later being described as being among the most attentive in his class, a high academic achiever and showing no signs of his past diagnosis. The symptoms I was experiencing for many years have also resolved. We highly recommend Dr. Baker and hope that other families will find the peace we have found.” — Amy Y.